From the cradle to college, we are here to support our community youth.

All God’s Children Child Development and Family Resource Center

All God’s Children Child Development and Family Resource Center provides before- and after-school care in the Marshall Heights Community, summer enrichment drama and bible school, a nationally known youth choir, and several other outreach educational programs that fall under the HATS program (HELPING ALL TEENS SURVIVE), which include youth volunteers, tutoring and mentoring.


Miracle Temple Youth Coalition

The Miracle Temple Youth Coalition, through Miracle Temple Non-Denominational Church, Inc. works in cooperation with churches, faith and community-based organizations, local governmental agencies, and volunteers to help returning citizens and at-risk youth become successful and stay out of the criminal justice system. In addition they provide a myriad of social services to the children and families including food, clothing, shelter, counseling, and mentoring.


Our Programs

Several of our programs, HoodSocialDC and the Academy for Academic Excellence are also designed specifically for our youth.

We also work with Transitions, a group mentoring and housing program that helps justice involved young adults between the ages of 12-21 transform the attitudes and behaviors that led to their criminal activity. InnerCity Collaborative Community Development has contracted with the District of Columbia Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services to deliver the mentoring program to young men, young ladies, and their families.

As a transformative mentoring intervention designed to serve young people whose needs go far beyond a traditional mentoring approach, the program is designed to work in groups and individually. Participants attend group sessions two times a week. The group process is central to the success of our participants. It provides an opportunity to learn to handle difficult feelings, develop responsible behavior, develop healthy relationships, and create an individual change/success plan for themselves and their family members.

Transitions participants gain a better understanding of personal responsibility and enhance their social skills, which will in turn improve peer relationships, self esteem, and problem-solving skills. It will also lead participants toward educational, vocational, and therapeutic programs. The goal is to help youth and family break the cycle of justice involvement and the criminal justice system by strengthening their attachment to education, work and community.


  • Family-focused
  • Round-the-clock mentoring support with a caring mentor
  • Hot dinner every meeting/group session
  • Job creation/career path development
  • Social services

For information on becoming involved with Transitions, contact: