As our mission states, we affirm and support the dignity of all human life, and that includes improving one’s health — especially when it comes to diseases and conditions that are common among the African American and Latino population.
We are able to do as the beneficiary of a community-based grant through the Washington, D.C. Health Department. Their commitment is to close health literacy gaps to advance health equity and improve outcomes in COVID-19 and other preventable diseases. Within our own network and by using young people as health ambassadors, we can share information and educate people on ways to better their health.
Together, we are addressing the root causes of health disparities to enable every member of our community to achieve their optimal level of health, regardless of where they live, learn, work, or play. We are looking at deterrents to one’s physical health, such as drugs, and seeking out opportunities to educate, inform, and empower.

When we increase our community’s health literacy, we can increase our collective quality of life.


We are always looking for Health Ambassadors. If you'd like to join, please contact XXX.