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Our local communities — or HOODS — are what makes DC special. HoodSocialDC lets youth define themselves in transformative ways. The messaging is theirs, they own their voice, and their future. We just need to give them a place to breathe. 

Through HoodSocialDC, users can highlight the beauty of their neighborhoods while gaining confidence and cultivating their social emotional development positively. Instead of relying on other social media channels and conforming to potentially damaging, distorted forms of hypermasculinity and femininity for “likes, users receive positive affirmation in other ways. They share details about their neighborhoods, upcoming events, news, or just what they’re up to at that very moment — and all of it is targeted to youths aged 12-24. 

Through InnerCity CDC, we engage youth in learning key roles in technology, marketing, and content through management and maintenance of the app. They are responsible for planning its vision and goals, connecting with DC organizations and businesses to source and create content, growing the number of users on HoodSocialDC and awareness of the app, and performing quality assurance to make sure there are no bugs or glitchy features. 

We want them to find alternate pathways to success, while teaching them about innovation, financial literacy, and career development. And from there, we want them to take their experience with HoodSocialDC and become the social media consultants, content creators, influencers, marketing executives, YouTubers, and video bloggers of tomorrow. Starting salaries for these roles often trend upwards of $56,000/year. 

By giving our youth an opportunity to explore new skills and engage in an entrepreneurial spirit, we are encouraging them to create change to improve their lives, communities, and the institutions intended to serve them.  

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play. 

To apply or volunteer, contact admin@hoodsocialdc.org.