Academy for Academic Excellence

When youth don’t fit a traditional K-12 education model, there needs to be an option that allows them to emerge with a GED or high school diploma. It also needs to take into consideration that an education needs to be more than academics — it should also be about being a good community member and advancing entrepreneurship skills. We’ve created the Academy for Academic Excellence to address exactly that. 

Students can choose a pathway to focus on as they work to complete their goals and throughout all, we invite the leader within to emerge. Discover our pathways below:

Students are encouraged to build the career path or business model they want to create by pursuing their own lines of research and information. We start with the idea of, “Where do you want to be?” and then through mentorship, help them identify the steps that will get them there.

We recognize that we are building individuals of character and to that end, have identified opportunities for them to cultivate their leadership skills while in service to others.

Students are encouraged to develop an understanding of how to use, manage, and evaluate technology. As part of their training, they may choose to get involved with HoodSocialDC.

Students range from 16-19 years old and benefit from learning from instructors who are local business professionals, organizations, and educators. Each participant will have access to a mentor for ongoing guidance after the Academy. We also work with local businesses to offer participants internships to gain workplace experience and job skills.

Upon completion of the Academy, each participant will take away the following: a certificate of completion, written goals, a letter of recommendation, a complete résumé, a bank account (upon parent approval), a professional headshot, a mentor, and peer-to-peer friendships.

To apply or volunteer, contact [TBD]