In August 2017, the School Safety and Safe Passage Working Group collectively decided to focus on specific areas of the city to improve student safety as they travel to and from school. Areas were selected based on the number of student-involved incidents in the area using data from MTPD from the 2016-2017 school year and anecdotal information from various stakeholders within the Working Group. To support cross-sector collaboration between DCPS and public charter schools, DME hosts coordination calls for each of the initial safe passage priority areas between the school leaders, police officers, and transportation specialists that work in those areas to create solutions for an student safety issue that is present in that cluster. The School Safety and Safe Passage Working Group will continue to evaluate the safety in each of the initial priority areas to determine if additional support in the area is necessary. In addition, the School Safety and Safe Passage Working Group will consider expanding the existing group of safe passage areas based on student safety concerns.

List of schools served by the Safe Passage Safe Blocks program within the District's eight Safe Passage Priority Areas.

Congress Heights

  • Ballou High School
  • Ballou STAY High School
  • Center City PCS - Congress Heights
  • Eagle Academy PCS - Congress Heights
  • Statesmen College Preparatory Academy for Boys PCS
  • Ingenuity Prep PCS
  • Hart Middle School
  • King Elementary School
  • Simon Elementary School
  • Somerset Preparatory Academy Pcs
  • Johnson Midle School
  • Turner Elementary School
  • Stanton Elementary
  • Bard High School Early College DC
  • Kimball Elementary School
  • Sousa Middle School

L'Enfant Plaza & Waterfront

  • Washington Global PCS
  • Jefferson Middle School
  • Eastern High School

Good Hope Road SE

  • Ketcham Elementary
  • Kramer Middle School

Columbia Heights

  • Cardozo Education Campus
  • Columbia Heights Education Campus (CHEC)
  • Meridian Public Charter School- Elementary School

Minnesota Avenue

  • Kimball Elementary School
  • Sousa Middle School
  • Cesar Chavez PCS for Public Policy - Parkside Middle & High School
  • Two Rivers PCS
  • Phelps Architecture, Construction, and Engineering High School
  • Friendship PCS - Collegiate Academy
  • Ron Brown College Preparatory High School
  • Maya Angelou PCS - High School
  • Kelly Miller Middle School
  • H.S. Woodson High School


  • Anacostia High School
  • Thurgood Marshall Academy Primary Charter School
  • Excel Academy Public Charter School
  • Savoy Elementary School

NoMa-Gallaudet U

  • Dunbar High School
  • McKinley Middle School
  • McKinley Technology High School
  • KIPP DC – College Preparatory PCS
  • Two Rivers PCS – 4th Street


  • Roosevelt High School
  • Coolidge High School
  • Roosevelt STAY High School @ Garnett-Patterson Middle School
  • EL Haynes Public Charter School
  • E.L. Haynes ES & HS
  • MacFarland MS
  • Capital City PCS- Lower School
  • Ida B. Wells Middle School
  • Paul Public Charter School
  • Deal Middle School

In each of the Safe Passage Priority Areas, regular calls or meetings are held between school leaders, MPD, DDOT, and Metro Transit Police to discuss student safety concerns, plan assistance that is provided to areas, and share strategies for improving safety. Feedback from each meeting is used to determine what additional supports are needed. When needed, government agencies participate in citywide safe passage campaigns by adopting an area and providing physical support during student arrival and dismissal. DME and Mayor Bowser’s School Safety and Safe Passage Working Group support an array of targeted strategies to ensure students can get to and from school safely every day.