Our Leadership Team


Rev. Judie Shepherd-Gore

Executive Director & Founder

A tireless advocate for children, youth and families, Rev. Judie leads the agency as it evolves into a relevant change agent for communities. Collaboration is at the heart of what she enables, because no one person can do it alone. REv. Judie champions InnerCity CDC as a viable force for the returning citizen, the homeless, the marginalized and the lost.


Lakisha Johnson-Evans

Executive Assistant & Lead Family Engagement Specialist/CM

Lakisha leads the administrative and day-to-day office function, all while managing a caseload that includes court involved youth and family members. She is a force to be reckoned with as she embraces the work with the love and care it needs, while providing the discipline and constructive criticism to foster positive change in a person’s life.


Tamia Allen

Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director

Tamia provides daily oversight and management of the administrative process and procedures of the Credible Messenger Initiative. She is the heartbeat of the reporting, texting, emailing, event coordination, and overall scheduler of the Executive Director's time. She provides additional support to the entire team with their supply needs, technology needs, and training updates. Tamia represents the fresh and innovative perspective of a young person on the move as she also provides positive insight and relatability to the youth on our caseload


Curtis Brantley

Part Time Credible Messenger & Family Engagement Specialist

Curtis provides leadership and direction to the families and his colleagues in the spirit of transformation. Mentoring both youth and families, he is dubbed the “Gentle Giant” for his heartwarming style and calm demeanor. Families and youth often look to him for sage fatherly advice as he is wise beyond his years and provides a sense of comfort to all whom he engages.

Our Credible Messenger Team


Tashima Barnes

Credible Messenger
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Shannon Battle

Violence Preventance Specialist/Credible Messenger


David Bailey

Credible Messenger

David is a true lover of people, and he demonstrates his commitment to this role as he is working tirelessly with families and youth in some of the most challenged neighborhoods and circumstances. Giving them the hard truths that some might think is harsh, but he manages to deliver it with humor and a seriousness that manifests itself with great outcomes for the youth. He is often viewed by many as a positive role model and father figure with the young men who are without a father figure.


Kristopher Harris

Media Communications Specialist/ Peer Mentor Specialist

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Myah Stroman

Credible Messenger

Myah is the newest member of the team and is responsible for the transformational leadership and mentoring support of our young ladies in our program. With a tender hand and keen insight, she is able to get them open up to receive the help that they need to be successful in life. Often reminding them, that mistakes can become steppingstones if you learn from them. Myah can be found sharing her own personal experiences in a way that offers each female mentee a positive outlook for the future. Her passion and a genuine desire to assist them with improving their self-esteem and seeing the inner beauty has been well received.

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Wendell Watson

Credible Messenger
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Shawn Lucas

Credible Messenger

A passionate and driven mentor, he works with some of the youngest and most troubled youth in our program. Using his own life experiences, he challenges them in ways that develop strengths that they didn’t even realize they had.

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Clifton Barrett

Credible Messenger
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Janet Wilson

Credible Messenger